Cablecast Technical Training: Government Meetings Solutions

Open Agenda

Intro 00:00:00

Summary of presentation and features 00:00:45

Adding custom fields 00:09:10

test chapter 00:11:13

Adding a PDF file (agendas & meeting minutes) 00:11:20

Chaptering VOD files 00:12:26

test 00:15:24

Adding agenda items (chapters) ahead of time 00:16:30

Enabling a show for on-demand in Cablecast 00:19:00

Additional tutorials and resources 00:19:23

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Preserving closed captioning 00:19:45

Putting it all together on your Public Site 00:20:34

Displaying custom fields on your public site 00:21:00

Presentation recap and additional resources 00:27:36