What Every Nonprofit Should Know About Cyber Security

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Today pretty much everything we do is connected to the Internet. So just like locking your door when you leave the house, taking basic cyber security measures is something we all need to be doing. When it comes to security at your media center, it's better to be proactive than reactive. In this next edition of the PEG Experts Forum, we hear from Andrew Calore of Blue Box Firewall about best practices to protect your organization and its data from the latest threats.


What are viruses? 00:00:00

Explaining boot sector, file infection, overwrite, worm, trojan

Introductions 00:00:00

Welcome to the PEG Experts Forum

Key protections against breaches & hacks 00:00:00

Real-time updates, geo IP blocking

How do cyber attacks affect small businesses and n 00:00:00

Types of data breaches and hacks 00:00:00

Denial of service (DoS), password attacks, DNS spoofing, watering hole attack

About the presenter: who is Andrew Calore? 00:01:07

Presentation Overview 00:01:47

IT is your silent business partner 00:02:05

Why firewalls should be a part of your IT solution 00:03:14

Types of threats 00:04:32

What is phishing? 00:05:58

Key protections against viruses 00:16:18

LPI & DPI Packet Inspection

What is malware? 00:18:30

Spyware, adware, ransomware, keylogging, rootkit

Malware attack using browser spam 00:20:50

Key protections again malware 00:22:07

DNS Filtering & Inspecting

Blue Box Firewall solution value proposition 00:28:26

Cyber attack statistics 00:33:22

Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses & Nonprofits 00:33:50

Presentation summary 00:34:58

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