PEG Experts Forum: Sue Buske Talks about Long Term Financial Stability

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Introduction 00:00:00

What do we do to continue to provide services in a changing media landscape?

About PEG Experts Forum 00:00:30

Overview: How to endure as the industry changes? 00:02:18

Critical Realities to Accept in Today's Industry 00:05:06

First Steps: Building from your strengths 00:06:41

Q&A - EDU channels on college campuses 00:11:06

The Re-envisioning Process: Building your Roadmap 00:13:12

Evaluating Board Functionality 00:17:58

Environmental Scan: 2 Key Aspects 00:21:29

Learning from others 00:24:35

New Chapter 00:35:05

The most common revenue development strategies 00:40:17

Underwriting & Sponsorships 00:42:02

Collaborations, Partnerships & Fundraising 00:44:08

Going beyond the ordinary with your classes 00:45:23

Q&A How do you super-charge your board 00:47:32

Q&A How to diversify revenue on college campuses 00:48:38

Q&A Which demographics to focus on? 00:50:35

Q&A Fundraising challenges for governments 00:51:34

Q&A Timelines for funding diversity planning 00:53:33

Q&A Strategies in state franchising states 00:56:06

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