PEG Experts Live Workshop: Remote Video Pt2 - Fiber & Long Range Wifi

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In part two of this in-depth workshop on remote video workflows, we look at using long range wifi and fiber ethernet drops for remote video transport. Steven Rys of Fall River Community Media examines several case studies to discuss gear, setup, signal configuration, and other special considerations like the interference from rain or trees, the Fresnel Zone, 'polite' wifi protocol and more.


Introductions 00:00:00

Specs on Wireless Encoders & Decoders 00:01:50

Specs on Wifi Antennas 00:04:25

Long Range Wifi Specs, Tips & Tricks 00:05:31

Multipathing, Polite Protocol & The Fresnel Zone 00:09:06

Wifi & Fiber Setup Examples 00:10:06

Cross band repeaters 00:19:43

Audience Q & A 00:24:22

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