Cablecast Technical Training: Configure & Schedule Squeeze Backs

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1/22/2020 12:00:00 AM

Using Cablecast VIO servers with Cablecast CG means you don't have to choose between programming and announcements. Air your latest PSAs while also showing the local forecast. Air the promo video for election coverage next week, while showing viewers what's coming next. The possibilities are endless and the setup is easy. Watch this training to learn how to configure and schedule L Bar channels and squeeze backs in Cablecast. After watching, if you need a refresher on the fill gaps or saved search features in Cablecast, please visit the Cablecast New User Training Video [] and watch the chapters that go over those two features.


Intro to squeeze backs & system requirements 00:00:00

Setup & configure squeeze backs 00:03:23

Scheduling squeeze backs (using fill gaps & saved 00:06:53

Demo of squeeze backs in action 00:12:20

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