What's New in Cablecast 7.1

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2/27/2020 12:00:00 AM

You asked for it, and Cablecast 7.1 delivers. This important release helps you deliver more secure and accessible content to your viewers, all conveniently located inside the Cablecast web UI. This release expands closed captioning and network streaming support for Cablecast VIO & Flex systems. Users will also now have an easy option for securing web video portals (Public Site) via Let’s Encrypt SSL. This release also increases longevity of Cablecast Flex systems by introducing many of the features released in Cablecast 7.0 for Cablecast VIO hardware via a 7.1 software upgrade. Watch this feature overview to learn more.


7.1 Feature Overview 00:00:00

A list of everything we go over in this webinar

Easy SSL / Video Encryption Directly in Cablecast 00:00:45

An explanation of SSL for video encryption and how it works.

Video Encryption Demo in Cablecast 00:05:19

A demonstration of what this encryption feature looks like in the Cablecast UI.

Closed Caption Side Car File Upload 00:07:05

An explanation of closed caption side car files and how they work.

Closed Caption Side Car Files Demo in Cablecast 00:10:07

A demonstration of what this feature looks like in the Cablecast UI.

IP Network Streaming Source Support 00:11:22

An explanation of IP Network Streaming Sources and how they work with Cablecast.

Network Streaming Demonstration in Cablecast 00:17:23

A demonstration of how to use this feature in the Cablecast UI

Automated System Archives in Cablecast 00:20:28

An explanation of systems archives and how they work.

Cablecast 7.1 for Cablecast Flex Systems 00:24:04

An overview of features originally released for Cabelcast VIO (Cablecast 7.0) now made available for Cablecast Flex in version 7.1

Is upgrading right for your workflow? 00:25:27

Things to consider before upgrading your system.

Cablecast CG Software for Carousel CG 340 Hardware 00:26:59

An explanation of this upgrade including feature gain, feature loss, and installer options.

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