Legacy Cablecast 7.2: New User Training


Welcome To Our Training 00:00:00

Logging Into Cablecast 00:00:29

Frontdoor 00:01:44

Main Menu 00:03:02

Adding Video Files To The Server 00:10:56

Transferring Files To The Server Via USB 00:10:59

Network Transferring Files To The Server Via a Mac 00:12:04

Network Transferring Files To The Server Via a PC 00:13:42

Uploading Files To The Server Via User Interface 00:14:21

Digital File Management 00:15:28

Creating Show Records 00:18:10

Linking a Digital File 00:23:25

Trimming a Digital File 00:24:21

Linking a File To Multiple Reels 00:26:50

Looking Up Show Records 00:36:28

Creating a Show From An Unlinked File 00:36:45

Creating a Show For a Live Event 00:37:40

Custom Show Fields 00:40:40

Scheduling 00:46:39

Manually Adding Shows To Schedule 00:48:50

Pick & Stick Method Of Scheduling 00:50:38

Locking Runs 00:55:23

Removing Shows From Schedule 00:56:16

Adjusting the Start Time Of a Show 00:57:38

Undo and Redo 01:00:43

Autopilot 01:02:57

Scheduling Live Shows 01:07:19

Recording a Live Show 01:08:29

What If Live Show Ends Early 01:11:30

What If Live Show Goes Long 01:13:50

Copy and Paste 01:18:11

Paste To Original 01:19:12

Paste To Time 01:19:47

Advanced Paste 01:20:06

Advanced Searching 01:22:42

Saving a Search 01:25:27

Searching With Multiple Filters 01:26:45

Managing Saved Seaches 01:30:00

Advanced Scheduling Tools 01:31:05

Fill Gaps 01:31:17

Autoschedule 01:39:46

Channel Branding 01:53:00

Bugs and Crawls 01:54:04

Squeezebacks 01:58:33

Reporting 02:00:00

Additional Resources and Closing 02:07:12

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